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Founded and operated by Lisa Giroday, Giroday Landscape & Design is a full-service landscape design & build studio specializing in native perennial gardens on the Sunshine Coast and in the lower mainland.

Giroday Landscape & Design’s approach to landscape design relies on the respect, observation and perseverance of the natural systems within our region and our ability to harmonize with them. This approach sheds light on opportunities where function and aesthetics can harmoniously and beneficially interact with place. Inherently these spaces are abundant, productive and beautiful and integrate seamlessly with the natural environment and the lives of those interacting with them.


Giroday Landscape & Design provides a selection of services spanning the entire scope of the design & build process of landscape realization. These services are geared towards both residential and commercial clients for new and existing dwellings and depending on the project requirements, provide all the necessary plans for realizing most small and large-scale projects. While our ideal process is to see through projects from start to finish, Giroday Landscape & Design is open to participating in projects as required should the project values and goals align.


Giroday Landscape & Design provides a complete selection of design services and plans tailored to meet the needs of the project. The typical design process includes: Consultation, mood board, concept plan, landscape plan and planting plan and palette. Supplementary plans may include irrigation and lighting plans and exterior decorating plans. Design services are currently being offered in the Lower Mainland, Sea to Sky corridor, Vancouver and the Gulf Islands and the North/South Sunshine Coast.


Giroday Landscape & Design provides all project management and implementation services required to construct landscape design projects. Through a very capable team of contractors, consultants, experts and trades, Giroday Landscape & Design is committed to seeing through all in-house design projects. This work may include any aspect of construction from planning, excavation, hardscape, irrigation, lighting, etc. New projects begin with a consultation to discuss overall needs and goals of the design and build process.


Giroday Landscape & Design provides consulting services to all client types looking for expert advice on design, build and maintenance. This work may be offered remotely or in-person depending on the needs of the project.


Success is so largely dependent on how a garden is maintained over time. Through organic and holistic practices of gardening, Giroday Landscape & Design has a small roster of gardens they maintain. This specialized service includes perennial garden care, small-scale tree work and contracting the appropriate team for larger-scale care needs such as larger tree work, shearing and subsequent installation requirements.


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